Operator Station Updates On Hold

Maintain control while testing updates

By setting Operator Station Updates on Hold, you can make changes on the Server while disturbing the operation stations as little as possible.

How to use the feature

On the Server, go to IGSS Master > Design and Setup and select the “Hold Update” button.
This will tell IGSS not to restart Operator stations, which force them to download Project changes, when an online update is deployed on the Server.

As a System Integrator you can now work peacefully on the project.
When “Check and Deploy” is carried out, the server will make an online update on the IGSS project server only.

OP’s will still not be able to send commands during the short time of the server deploy. But OP’s are kept alive and the connection to the server is automatically restored when the update is complete.

If an Operator wishes the new updates, before the update has been pushed from the Server, the Operator can simply click “Restart” to get the newest changes.

Control Rollouts from IGSS Master on the Server by holding back updates.

When your work on the IGSS project is completed, you will enable OP Station updates by clicking “Push Update“. You will be asked to push the updates now, alternatively Operator Stations will be updated with the next Check and Deploy or on Server/OP Station restart.

Please note, that changes done in System Configuration will not be set on hold. These changes can include system critical changes, that are not possible to perform using an Online Update.

Control the Rollouts by pushing updates from the Server.

For more IGSS Master functionality please consult the IGSS Master Help.