Maintenance and Note database migrated to SQLite

Operations under the hood

With version 15 of IGSS two of our Project supporting databases have been migrated from Microsoft Access databases to SQLite databases.

Furthermore the Maintenance interface to the Maintenance data, has changed, so Operator Stations can access the Maintenance data from the server through the IGSS Dataserver. This means that Operator Stations no longer need access to a report folder shared by the server to use the Maintenance module.

Using SQLite

MntDb.sdb and NoteDb.sdb

In order to migrate the databases, you will be asked to point to the current report folder when the IGSS Project is to be converted from version 14 to 15. 

After pointing to the folder the note and maintenance mdb files will be migrated to the new SQLite format with the file extension sdb.

Unless you have special scripts to take backup of these databases, the new format means nothing for the functionality of IGSS itself. The performance has been improved with the use of the SQLite database engine, but this is properly unnoticeable for these relatively small databases.

If you want to browse the content of the databases, you can no longer use Microsoft Access®, but we recommend DB Browser for SQLite.

Maintenance Interface

As mentioned above the interface to the Maintenance data used by the Maintenance module has also changed enabling an Operator Station to access Maintenance data through the IGSS Dataserver instead of from a shared report folder location on the network.

Job notes and descriptions text files are also read and updated through this interface, so it is only if you have other files (doc, pdf etc.) attached to your jobs, you will need to share or copy these between stations, so they are accessible with the same path name, if needed be.