Find texts in Project

When you are in search

Find enables you to quickly get around in a Project and do work on the subject you have in search.

In IGSS version 15 we improved the Find feature to also search in Calculations, VBA and Graphs.

Using the features

Search and Find

Find can be located in the menu: Edit-> Find… or quickly accessed using shortcuts F3 or Ctrl+F.

In Definition Find will search for texts in the entire project enabling the designer to quickly locate whatever needs to be looked after.

In Supervise Find will just search for object names and description enabling the operator to quickly get around if lost in the navigation.

Search result

Entering a text and clicking Find All presents the search results as shown below.

Search results in Definition

Double clicking a search result will bring up the relevant dialog or diagram.

To read more about the Find features please see the Definition Help.