Energinet.dk Driver

Get data from the cloud

Our new driver 94 can get your billing data from the cloud using the EnergiNet API.

With the driver you can log usage of kWh and the costs directly with IGSS.

This gives you a great opportunity to monitor and report your energy use in a simple way.

In this first edition monthly settlement data will be available.

Using the feature

System Configuration

The driver number 94 is the new Energinet.dk driver, that can be used to collect meter data.

The electricity consumption data of your plant need to be available through energinet.dk, and you will need an account to get the Refresh Token from www.energinet.dk to access your meter.

Energinet Driver Setup.

Mapping in Definition

Once the Driver is setup, you are able to map your meter data with objects in the Definition module.

Mapping Meter ID to analog object value.