Descriptor Icons for Manual, Interlock and Service

Improved visualization of current state

Using the built in special state icons for descriptors valuable information is shown to the operator with just a small effort in design time.

The icons for each state are designed like this, and they should be easily distinguished:

Display of state icons is an additional feature to Alarm Severity Icons displayed in the top right corner. So for state icons to be drawn, “Alarm icon on Symbols and/or Labels” must be enabled in System Configuration -> Supervise and Language tap.

Each state icon can be assigned to a bit in the PLC, either defined in the Bit Map I/O mapping or the Alarm Bit mapping.

Assign State Icon Bits

Analog objects as well as other objects can use the alarm bits to indicate a special state:

Analog Template: Pick the state bits desired on the alarm bits of the template.

Please note that the bits to indicate specific state, still works as alarm indicator bits. If you do not want a specific state to trigger an alarm, you can define an event for the indication.

For digital objects the state bits can also be used to indicate a specific special state:

Digital Template: Pick the state bits desired on the digital template.

You should note that the special indicator state bits, still work as state indicator bits. This means you will have to assign names for the valid state combinations.

Icons in uses

State icons can be drawn on values or labels, as well as next to the descriptors where Severity alarms can be drawn – these include: Symbols, Bars, Texts, Buttons, Rectangles, Rectangular fields and Animated Symbols.

In order to draw state icon, you must indicate which part of the descriptor, should display icon indication.
Example of use. Obviously fewer icons would be visible at the same time in real live.

Please note that just like the Severity Icons these state icons can be replaced with your own custom icons. As long as they are placed in the Project folder under:  “…\Symbols\Severity\”.