What is new in version 14

IGSS V14 was released in May 2019, offering end users of the IGSS SCADA system as well as system designers a variety of new features and improvements.

You can also view the features in the demo project included in the FREE 50 IGSS Version 15 software, which you can download free of charge.

New Functionality

  • Alarm Severity and Alarm Frame
  • Alarm Shelving
  • Global Alarm – One view for multiple plants
  • Show object’s GPS location on map
  • Supervise: Quick Search
  • Definition: Find text in a project
  • Definition: New symbol library with pre-defined PNG-symbols
  • Definition: Group/ungroup descriptors
  • Definition: Flip and rotate descriptors
  • Notifier: New method for duty planning using calendar objects
  • New status objects: Reduced data; Historical data backup; Dual Node Driver connection

IGSS Mobile App

  • Alarm severity and shelving

Improvements and Enhancements

  • Alarm list design
  • Graphs: Show alarm limits; Move zoom window
  • Supervise: Change area when opening diagram in another area
  • Supervise: Popup on-screen keyboard
  • Supervise: Shortcut to Object command pages in Object popup menu
  • Definition: Search and find simplified in Object browser
  • Definition: Thin frame around projects and graphs
  • Definition: Visibility of descriptor etc. now also based on area and diagram Definition
  • Faceplates: Master object can also be a diagram
  • Notifier: Improved user interface; Alarm history; Send test SMS and e-mail
  • Maintenance: Various improvements
  • Master: Browse to project folder button
  • Report folder only necessary if you run Maintenance
  • Max. number of open diagrams with closing procedure
  • Who is your update server
  • Select this station for only pure operator station