Workspace Manager

Work in parallel

With the Workspace manager multiple SI’s can work in their own reserved part of a project.

Creating workspaces via the ‘Workspace Manager’ helps administer the work on the entire project, and ensures a safe import of changed diagrams without interfering with other project design work.


On the Server an SI can reserve the diagrams to work on when off the server.
A Workspace is created by adding a name to it and reserving the diagrams an SI wishes to work on.

When the SI has reserved the diagrams. The Project with the Workspace  can be exported from IGSS Master. The SI can now take this workspace project .zip file and edit the project from the office.

When working from the office the SI can do the following:

  1. Descriptors can be created, moved or deleted.
  2. Diagrams can be created.
  3. Templates can be created or changed. (If changed you will
    get an option under re-import to create a new template.)
  4. Objects can be created, changed or deleted. No objects
    will be deleted under re-import.

When the SI has finalized his/her work in the Workspace, the SI has to export the workplace, and import changes back to the server.

To work further on the workspace, the Workspace Project can be exported once again. If no more work is to be done, the Workspace can be deleted, so the diagrams are no longer reserved for others to work on.

Reserved Diagrams in Workspace

For more details on how to manage Workspaces please see the Definition Help.