Performance improvements for v15

Why wait...

In version 15 we have improved various areas in the code to optimize performance. These performance improvements will typically be most noticeable on larger systems. But even on smaller projects, things will feel much smoother.


Openings Dialogs

Various dialogs containing long dropdown lists or list views has been improved in terms of opening speed.
More specifically you can expect improved performance in: Shelve/Inhibit Alarms dialogs, State and Commands property page, Alarm Texts dialog, Edit Alarm dialog, the Object Browser dialog and the Font toolbar.

Alarm list dialog now opens faster

Filling Property Table View

Filling up datatables in Property Table View can time consuming for large configurations. In version 14 filling the OPC table was greatly improved, and in version 15 we have improved the performance opening the Property Table View for Alarms.

Property Table View for Alarms

Loading Project

Various modules load the IGSS Project. So improving the load time here improves the startup time of the entire system, including features like Online Update.

Loading Project.....

Check and Deploy

Check and Deploy also loads the project, but various other aspect of the code has been optimized as well.

Check and Deploy in progress...

Measurements V14 vs V15

The performance tests below are performed with a Project containing 55966 objects, 19 areas and 21092 alarm texts.

TestV14 timeV15 timePerformance increase

Loading and opening Project in Definition

19.3 sec

13.5 sec


Check and Deploy of Project

1 min 9 sec

18.7 sec


Starting Project (DC, Supervise, VBA, MobileServer) - no drivers

57.5 sec

31.9 sec


Open Alarm Texts Dialog

8.2 sec

4.0 sec


Open Property Table View for Alarms

20.0 sec

6.5 sec