GPS Coordinates on Objects

Find your way

Using GPS Coordinates on objects operators will be able to easily locate pump stations and other geographical distributed objects with Maps.
This feature is enabled by default in System Configuration > Supervise and Language tab:

Add GPS coordinates

The location can be added from both Definition and Supervise:

In Definition the location can be entered in Property Table View:

Definition: Enter GPS coordinates in Property Table View

Please note, that adding GPS Coordinates from Definition on a running system is not recommended. Since GPS coordinates are stored as live data, the object can be updated in the meantime with a newer data timestamp resulting in your GPS coordinates data input being too old.

If you want to enter many coordinates online, it can instead be done using the ODBC interface. First start the ODBC Server from IGSS Master. In Microsoft Access simply link the tables from the Machine Data Source: IGSSv15 ODBC Network DS, and open the table ONLINE_CONF where latitude and longitude can be found for each object in the IGSS Project.

In Supervise the location can be entered directly by an Operator on an object via the object menu:

The Object Location menu.
To verify that the Location is correct click Show to open a browser with map.

Show location on map

By using the object menu, when GPS Location has been set, selecting “Show on map” will open your default browser with the map URL and location parameters as defined in registry entry:

\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Schneider Electric\IGSS32\V15.00.00\DefRun32_HKLM\MapLocationURL

This URL can be modified to suit the Map provider preferred.

Please note that GPS Location support has also been added to the IGSS Mobile APP, so objects with location can be found and updated while “on the road”.

Object Location shown on Google Maps.