Drawing tool improvements for v15

New possibilities

In version 15 we have improved various areas concerning the drawing tools.
These improvements will help you save time and give you new possibilities to make your diagram designs look better faster. 


Descriptor in group selectable

By grouping descriptors in IGSS, the designer can group multiple descriptors together. But selecting descriptor in the group was not possible, and required you to ungroup.

Now by keeping Ctrl+Shift down while clicking on a descriptor, the designer can select a specific descriptor inside the group, to move it individually or edit its properties.

Descriptor in Group selected

Shadow option for some descriptors

Shadow width can be added for Polygon, Ellipse and Rectangle. Go to Descriptor Properties and then to Geometry, click on Shadow Width to set a width for the shadow.

Afterwards go to Static Colors, and choose Shadow Color to select the color of the shadow.

Shadow for rounded rectangle

Default font option

It is now easier to reuse the same font in various parts of the project. 
You can simply select the font you want, either by specifying the font, or clicking on an existing text on the Diagram.

Default font selected

Now select Default and this font will be used going forward for new texts written in text boxes, on buttons etc.

Re-use style properties

When drawing Pies, Bars, Polylines and Pipes, you would typically want to use the same styles as already set for the specific type of descriptor on the diagram.
If there is no descriptor of this type on the diagram, you likely want to use the styles from the last added descriptor in the Project.

Reuse of pipe style

With v15 this happens automatically. The last added descriptor act as a kind of default.
Fx. if the last added pipe is 7 pixels wide with a blue shade, the next pipe drawn will have the same style properties.