Bar graph Customization

When fine tuning is essential - less is more

With each version of IGSS we crave to modernize various aspects of our product. It can be larger portions of the code, or just a minor change in looks to keep our descriptors up to date.
One of the smaller things we have adjusted is the look of the Bar Graph.

Using the features

Bar graph properties

Two things have changed in relation to the Bar Graph:

  1. The arrow of the bar scale can be toggled off.
  2. The scale lines are drawn only on the outside of the bar scale.

Both of these changes result in a more minimalistic looking bar graph, as we remove parts of the descriptor, that are not adding value to the interpretation of the value represented by the bar.

Version 14 contra Version 15

Below you can compare the changed look of the Bar Graph:

V14 versus V15