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To subscribe to our feeds, click the RSS icon below and follow the instructions. Or copy the addresses and paste them into your news reader - see how below.

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Terms of use

You are welcome to include the feeds in your own news list to your PC, mobile phone or similar. Please note: We do not permit that the feeds are included in bulletins that are available to others, e.g. via the Internet, or otherwise commercially oriented.

What is a news feed?

With a news feed you can subscribe to the stream of news that is being published on A news feed is also known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) which is an easy way to distribute content on the internet - instead of going to each and every website to read the news you collect them in your news reader.

How do I use news feeds?

Using a news reader on your own computer the news is presented in a table which is automatically updated with the latest news. In the reader you have access to the news in headline form, and you can choose to read the news in the reader or via a link be sent directly to the website.

How do I get started?

You need to download and install a news reader to your computer or make use of a web based reader. There are several to choose from. Here are some of the most popular:

Web based For Windows For Mac
Google Reader Feedreader Newsfire
Netvibes FeedDemon NetNewsWire
Bloglines Newscrawler Newslife

How do I get access to a news feed?

When you subscribe to a RSS feed, you can copy the link from the list above and add it to your favorite news reader. In some applications it is sufficient to click on the orange RSS icon or drag it into your reader. The various feeds are normally organized into categories that you can define in the program.

More on RSS

Read more about RSS feeds here: