ODBC and OPC Workshop

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The IGSS ODBC / OPC Workshop is designed for experienced IGSS system designers who want in-depth knowledge about the two powerful and versatile IGSS interfaces - ODBC and OPC. It is assumed that students have a solid working knowledge of IGSS. Students should be familiar with the components of an IGSS configuration to get optimal benefit from the training.

Introduction to ODBC and OPC

The ODBC interface can be used for modifying IGSS configurations directly through a standard database, for accessing the key data files (ALM, LOG and BCL) and other information about the configuration. 

The OPC interface consists of two main components: 

  • The IGSS OPC Client-Side Driver used for communicating with PLCs that support an OPC Server (hardware or software)
  • The IGSS OPC Server used for sharing data with OPC-compliant systems, such as administrative systems.
    The interface allows you, for instance, to share data with another SCADA package. 

The workshop alternates between instructor demos and hands-on exercises on the classroom PCs. 


Usually, workshops are held at the training premises of Schneider Electric in Ballerup, Denmark. On this location, up-to-date training facilities will be at the participants' disposal. Alternatively, workshops can be arranged elsewhere within the national borders. For more information on that matter, please contact training secretary at DK.IGSS.Workshop@schneider-electric.com

Workshop duration and fee

  • Duration: 1 day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Fee: DKK 4,850 / EUR 650 per seat

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Please register online, or register with training secretary at DK.IGSS.Workshop@schneider-electric.com

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Workshop Topics
Topic Contents
  • What is ODBC?
  • What is the IGSS ODBC Driver?
  • Use of the ODBC Driver
  • Installing and setting up the ODBC Driver
  • When the ODBC Server runs
  • How to access the ODBC tables
  • ODBC table overview
  • Interface Help file
  • Online demo and hands-on exercises
  • OPC
  • What is OPC?
  • IGSS and OPC
  • IGSS OPC Client-Side Driver
  • IGSS OPC Server
  • SCADA to SCADA with OPC
  • Configuration of DCOM security