Online Coaching

One-on-One Live Coaching Sessions

Schneider Electric offers online IGSS coaching sessions for new or existing system integrators. The sessions are conducted live and one-on-one with our highly experienced coach who has 25 years’ experience in industrial automation engineering.

Because the online session will use the end-user’s SCADA project as the main core of the training material, the system integrator will instantly benefit by learning to use IGSS correctly and creatively. These coaching sessions are practically a real-life SCADA engineering and IGSS training all packaged as one.


For both new and existing IGSS system integrators, these sessions offer the following benefits:

  • ‘Virtually’ bring an experienced IGSS trainer onboard your engineering team.
  • Develop your customers’ SCADA systems while being trained on IGSS.
  • Learn to use IGSS correctly and creatively to deliver first class systems.
  • Working with real-life design challenges shortens the learning curve.
  • Utilize the trainer’s 25 years of instrumentation, PLC, SCADA and process control engineering experience.
  • Brainstorm with the trainer to solve and deliver customers’ project requirements
  • Enjoy an almost immediate Return Of Investment (ROI).
  • Outsource the IGSS SCADA engineering during tight project delivery deadlines

Alan Khoo obtained his Bachelor Degree in Systems and Control from Queen Mary College, University of London in 1982. He is a 25-year industry veteran with the following career experience: 

  • Process instrumentation knowledge
  • PLC systems design and engineering
  • SCADA systems design and engineering
  • Process control systems design and engineering
  • System implementation and commissioning
  • Experience from many types of process plants
  • Onsite and offsite Project Management
  • IGSS Trainer since 2004

About the Sessions

Schneider Electric online IGSS coaching sessions are offered in 20-hour blocks, with each block consisting of 5 days of 4 hours/day sessions.

Students are required to set up their own FREE Skype and Google Mail accounts as these are the best online platforms for global connectivity and information sharing. Live one-on-one training is conducted over the Skype VOIP and video platforms, while notes and emails will be exchanged over Google Mail.

The sessions are conducted between 0100hr and 1600hr GMT, Mondays to Fridays. Weekend sessions are also available upon request.

For prices and availability, kindly contact Alan Khoo