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Firewall Ports and IGSS

Question: I need pass through a Firewall in order to access my IGSS system. What ports do I need to open?

Answer:  You can open the user port 12397 to 12402 to access IGSS.

If you have to access specific IGSS program elements, use the following ports:

  • IGSS Distributed drivers (I2): 12396
  • IGSS Multi user (SNIF): 12397
  • IGSS 7TTCP Driver: 12398
  • IGSS Superalarm: 12399
  • IGSS A-B Servers: 12400
  • IGSS Dataserver: 12401
  • IGSS ODBC server: 20202
  • IGSS Mobile server: 443
  • IGSS Update V12:  HTTPS 443
  • IGSS Update to OP :12400 + Version Number. IGSS V12 is then 12412