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Modicon Modbus/TCP driver: Unable to select


I cannot find the Modicon Modbus/TCP (ID number 64) driver in the list of drivers available in the System Configuration module in spite of the fact that this driver is among those supported by IGSS. What should I do to be able to use this driver?


Making this driver available for selection in the System Configuration module entails completing the following steps in the order shown.

  1. Go to the IGSS Version 5.1 Downloads page on the 7-Technologies website and download the first file here called UpdateIgssClient.zip
  2. Unzip this file to the [IGSS Install Path]/gss subfolder and answer Yes to overwrite the existing file.
  3. Now find the IGSS Program Group and run the IGSS Update module, which downloads the newest files for the IGSS software package. These new files are copied to the /gss subfolder and to a subfolder of /gss called updates, which is automatically created the first time the IGSS Update module is run.
  4. Finally, find the newly downloaded file in the updates subfolder called modbustcp.reg and double click on it to automatically insert its settings into the Windows registry.
  5. Go into the System Configuration module and you should be able to select the Modicon Modbus/TCP driver.