The IGSS Maintenance Module

Redesigned for ease of use

All industrial plants require a high level of stability and productivity. One way this is to keep the process equipment in perfect condition through preventive maintenance. a

The IGSS Maintenance module offers a set of tools that will, quickly and easily, help you to plan and execute a preventive maintenance schedule. The module will notify you whenever a piece of equipment is due for a maintenance inspection.

Monitoring equipment condition

Each object (a pump, a valve etc.) in your IGSS project can be set up for maintenance supervision based on four process parameters:
  • Total used time – for example how many hours a pump has been running.
  • Operating cycles – for example the number of operating cycles for an electrical contactor.
  • Periodical – inspection at a fixed time interval, for example, once every month.
  • Counting limit – when an object value reaches a defined limit

The system designer can set up maintenance jobs in Design mode, but the operator can also create and modify jobs in Runtime mode.

The IGSS Maintenance module gives you a real-time overview of the maintenance status of your process components and estimates the next scheduled inspections. This allows you to plan your maintenance ahead so you can perform inspections and replacements when the production is at a minimum for example during vacations. The IGSS Maintenance module can also be set up to raise an alarm when a piece of equipment is due for maintenance.

The IGSS Maintenance module is fast and easy to set up and is included in the standard IGSS license so it adds no extra cost.