The IGSS Data Server

The IGSS Data Server is an efficient server for transmission of data between the IGSS server and the operator stations.

When the operator station needs to access stored online or historical data, it will send a query to the IGSS Data Server. The server extracts the necessary data from the data files in the project’s report folder and returns the data set to the operator station. The handling of these queries is extremely fast, even on large data sets. On systems running with a limited network bandwidth, the IGSS Data Server will perform much faster than in previous versions of IGSS.

The only requirement for communication between the IGSS Data Server and the clients is an IP connection and opening a specific TCP/IP port.

Communication overview of the IGSS Data Server

The IGSS Data Server will read data from the LOG, BCL and ALM files stored in the report folder. But the requirement of giving all users write access to this folder no longer applies.