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News in IGSS V13 - Mobile App

New Graph capability in the IGSS app.

We are proud to introduce the all new graph functionality for the IGSS Mobile App 3.0. Created with a strong focus on security, simplicity and reliability, our new mobile app now enables IGSS users to see and follow data from their plant on a graph in the IGSS Mobile App. 

A selection of object based trend graphs is now available in the IGSS mobile app, providing plant operators with a quick overview during remote monitoring, control and trouble shooting. 

Zoom in on both values and time. If high and low alarms limits are set in IGSS, these are also shown. A value point reader will provide you with detailed data for a selected point in a graph. 

Simply choose the configuration you wish to see and then the relevant diagram and afterwards the object you need, as well as the duration you wish to examine. 

In order to use the graph function in the application some basic interaction gestures need to be explained.

Interaction gestures for the graph


Horizontal Pinch: To (Zoom out) in the Time/X axe.

Vertical Pinch: To (Zoom out) in the Value/Y axe.


Horizontal Spread: To (Zoom in) in the Time/X axe.

Vertical Spread: To (Zoom in) in the Value/Y axe.


Drag horizontally or vertically in the graph window to move around within the graph.


Tap on the clock icon to choose time period.

Tap once inside the graph window on a graph line value to activate the Value Point Reader.

Tap again on the same graph line value to deactivate the Value Point Reader.

To Summarize the News

With the new App Graph you get:

  • Ability to monitor trends in real time
  • An interactive trend.
  • Data readability.