New Features in IGSS Version 13

IGSS V13 was released October 2017. Below you can see some of the many new features. 

Some of them with detailed description links, others without, but more will follow.
Alternatively, you can find some of them demonstrated in our brand new demo project in IGSS Version 13.

To download IGSS SCADA Software click here.

Addintional features in IGSS V11

New Functionality

Removed functionality

  • Unit Sets.
IGSS Master

Improvements and Enhancements

  • Improved Spooling (Auto mode, performance & feedback).
  • Improved error messages when connection to server lost.
  • Rect fields and image descriptors connected to a faceplate instance, now have an option to link the faceplate instance instead of showing it.
  • Change drawing order a single step using +/-.
  • File menu Save/Deploy simplified.
  • Many DLLs merged into one IGSS base DLL.
  • Valid commands are now enforced on button, command-, radio- and check buttons.
  • Updated drawing toolbar with added digital/analog symbol.
  • AuditTrail has a new Server Name column, so a single AuditTrail database can serve more stations.
  • New descriptor visibility option: "When NOT in one of the following states".
  • Maintenance job notes & descriptions in Maintenance folder.
  • Indication of Maintenance alarm on descriptor with Maintenance object in alarm.
  • Graph signal option to draw a pattern in the area below the signal line.
  • Graph y-axis option for automatic scale with zero included.
  • Graph options to hide time labels, value labels and their scale.
  • Graph offset for "today", "yesterday", "this month", now by default starts at the defined day start time for reports.
  • RMS periodical events.
  • More info in station objects: IP, current user, time to auto logout.
  • Many other bug fixes, corrections and GUI improvements.