News in IGSS V12 - Do more

To increase the productivity in the design and evolution stages of your Project we have created various new features.

Format Clone

By using the Format Clone feature, you can update selected descriptors with the same formatting and appearance quickly and directly. Format Clone takes the appearance from the primary selection and sets it on all other selected descriptors of the same type.Format Clone in Standard Toolbar Format Clone is especially useful when changing colors/sizes of pipes.
Just change it on one descriptor, select all, and mark it as primary and click Format Clone. Another advantage is that Format Clone quickly can make your text descriptors use the same size and font.

Smart Snapping of Descriptors

With Smart Snap positioning and sizing of descriptors have never been easier. When moving and sizing a descriptor, small guide lines are drawn as the descriptor finds other edges and centers. This speeds up the drawing process.

Smart snapping

Color Palette and Color Selector

A lot of work has been done updating the color selector and create a new color palette that contains more predefined colors, shows custom and recent colors.

Color Palette

Templates in Property Table View

With template editing in PTV you get a great overview of the Projects templates. You can manage properties and propagate changes to the object templates easily.

Find and Replace in Property Table View

Previously to edit many cells in PTV you would copy the properties into Excel, and replace texts, and paste the table of data back.Find and Replace in PTV You can still do this, but in most cases Find and Replace in PTV makes it even more simple and fast. Like with Excel, use it with care. With Find and Replace you will however be guided by color indication where the found properties to be updated are marked. 

Property Table View Colors

Color-indications have been added to all color cells in PTV, enabling a better visualization of the selected colors.
Colors in Properties Table View