New Alarm Features

News in IGSS V12 - Better Alarm Control at your Fingertips

Various new enhancements have been implemented with respect to Alarms.

Alarm Ended ColorAlarm Ended Color

To more quickly determine the state of an object in alarm it is now possible to define an alarm ended color.

Alarm Action and Last Changed Column

In Alarm and in the Embedded Alarm List we now have a Last Changed time and an Alarm Action field.
The time simply tells when the alarm last got its state changed. The Alarm Action field shows which action caused a change.

The new fields are useful when sorting, but another advantage is, that they make it much easier to see the state of an alarm -compared to looking for other timestamps set.Alarm new Fields

In other Alarm News

  • Operator may change alarm delay in Supervise.
  • Priority for alarm indication on diagram references.
  • Use highest alarm priority on diagram references.