High Performance HMI Descriptors

News in IGSS V12 - Graphic Principles

The Bar and the Pie Descriptor in IGSS have been extended with new functionality in order to make them more compliant with the High Performance HMI standards.
Below a pie and a bar are shown in their 3 states: Low limit alarm, normal operation and high alarm.

High Performance Indicators

The Pie charts above are configured in the object properties dialog. Each pie area, line or arrow can be configured with colors for the situation where the actual value enters an alarm or limit area.

Configure High Performance SCADA

This way colors can be configured for every object state of the descriptors making it possible for the operator to see if everything is in order, just by a glance at the diagram. This is a huge advantage when more than just a few important key indicators must be monitored, and it is easy on the eye.