Free Value Atoms

News in IGSS V12 - Increased Number of Free Value Atoms

IGSS is more competitive than ever with more free atoms.
V12 brings:

  • More “Free Value” atoms on analog objects
    Number of free value atoms doubled from 3 to 6.

  • New “Free Value” atoms on digital objects
    6 analog free value atoms in digital objects.

  • Show additional process information without using additional objects
    Internal automation information from PLC.
    Information from frequency converter etc.

Changed Object Licensing

More Free Non-I/O Objects

  • More non-I/O objects included in license
    Number of free objects increased from 1.000 to 50% of license (min 1.000).
    Example 1:      600 object license =      600 I/O objects + 1.000 non-I/O.
    Example 2: 10.000 object license = 10.000 I/O objects + 5.000 non-I/O.

  • Objects with local-only atoms are no longer counted as I/O objects
    These may be used for VBA, calculations, faceplates etc.
    Similar to memory tags in other SCADA systems.