Consistency Checker

News in IGSS V12 - Time to shape up

The Consistency Checker is a new tool in IGSS making sure your project is in good shape. The check is run every time you open or save your project. Most likely when you run it the first time, on an old project, it will find inconsistencies.

Consistency Checked

If serious errors cannot be fixed, please contact our support and have the "before fix" ready. To get up and running copy the configuration from the BACKUP folder, and next time you can just use Save. When there are no longer any errors to report, the Consistency Checker will not show up.


The new BACKUP folder is located in the Project folder. After a "Backup and Fix" your configuration will be placed here. When you convert your old project a copy of your previous version can be found here too.

Backup Folder

Save and Backup

You can also manually create a backup from the menu File->Save and Backup.
Note that the backup only contains the Configuration files it self, not images or other files that it may use.