Network Redundancy

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Availability, Reliability and Stability are all key points to running a plant. IGSS offers full system redundancy at all levels of the system.

With IGSS, you can rest assured that any “weak link” in the system - be it the client, the server or the data network between them - can always be set up with a redundant equivalent.

Network redundancy

A redundant LAN between the IGSS process server and the IGSS operator stations, or clients, ensures uninterrupted system operation even in the event of a network failure.

The operator stations are equipped with two network cards - each connected to a separate LAN. Should the operator stations lose communication to the server due to a network failure, or even due to a faulty network card, they will automatically switch over to the secondary network card without experiencing any data loss.

Server and client redundancy set up

In order to increase stability and reliability and to always be available, IGSS can be set up in the following ways:
  • Dualized Servers
  • Operator station with distributed driver
  • Single User Backup system

Data availability under all conditions

IGSS systems deliver complete round-the-clock availability of process data and process control. The best proof of the robustness of IGSS is the range of customers in the off-shore and ship automation industries, where rigorous and demanding requirements concerning security and reliability must be met.