Education License

Automation Software for Colleges and Schools

It is of great interest to Schneider Electric that the IGSS SCADA software is being used in the technical education sector. IGSS gives students the opportunity to work with one of the best SCADA software packages available. While increasing the number of IGSS users in general, technical know-how is brought to a higher level, which is of great value once students become professional technicians and engineers.

IGSS Education Box

Therefore we are very happy to offer a very suitable package for teaching purposes.

  • IGSS License
  •     • 25 clients (operator stations)
        • 4 drivers
        • 100 objects
        • Continuous data collection

  • Training DVD
  •     •39 videos an  more than 7 hours of training materials available at the click of a mouse button.
        •Exercises, 17 lessons, 124 pages (print-friendly PDF).
        •All slides and images used in the videos.

Schneider Electric gives about 95% discount on this package. The price is thus 800 Euro. A contract with the School/University must be entered and the software remains the property of Schneider Electric.

Apply for our license to SCADA college automation and SCADA school automation.

Training Resources

Schneider Electric also provides the following training resources for schools/universities:

  • Teachers and students can take the IGSS SCADA Online Training to get a headstart on IGSS
  • Teachers can attend the public IGSS training workshops, if they need more advanced training
  • Teachers may get access to the IGSS training material on request