Education License

Automation Software for Colleges and Schools

The IGSS team at Schneider Electric has always taken pride in sharing the technical know-how when operating our SCADA software, and in order to elevate the technical level to a higher point, we offer you the technical education sector and your students the opportunity to work with one of the best SCADA software packages available and for free. This will allow you to prepare your students with relevant technical software knowledge, which will add to the value of your students once the become professional technicians and engineers.

That is why the IGSS team is proud and happy to offer you an IGSS Software package that is suitable for your teaching purposes. As the educational institution you need only contact us, so we can agree on the terms and formalities and help you getting the IGSS software educational package. 

To help you further on your way, we have a variety of educational video tutorials that offer a great insight on how to operate the IGSS software. 

See the videos by clicking on the link below. 

Apply for our license to SCADA college automation and SCADA school automation.

Training Resources

Schneider Electric also provides the following training resources for schools/universities:

  • Teachers and students can take the IGSS SCADA Online Training to get a headstart on IGSS
  • Teachers can attend the public IGSS training workshops, if they need more advanced training
  • Teachers may get access to the IGSS training material on request