FREE50 License

Discover The Power Of IGSS With Our Free Version


With this free SCADA software you can create a small IGSS project with full functionality from scratch.

  • Collect data from the PLCs without any time limit
  • Define up to 50 objects in an IGSS project
  • Use one of the 70 PLC drivers supported
  • Upgrade anytime to a larger IGSS SCADA system

Also Included: Pre-Configured Diagrams

IGSS FREE50 can also be ‘switched’ into demo mode - here is how to - which gives you a pre-configured IGSS project including several mimic diagrams from different industries.This gives you a good impression of IGSS functionality in a simulated environment. You can also build a new project from scratch and test it with real PLC data.

  • Define up to 1,000 objects in an IGSS project
  • Collect real data for one hour
  • Use one of the numerous PLC drivers supported
Both systems are ideal for OEM's, machine builders and others who would like to automate processes or get an efficient and state of the art replacement for existing Operating Panels.

Download IGSS FREE50

About IGSS

More than 27,000 IGSS licenses have been sold around the world and are installed in more than 50 different industries. Sewage treatment plants, energy and power plants, traffic control and ship automation just to mention a few. See the list of selected IGSS references here.

IGSS is very intuitive. It is 100% scalable and the favourable update policy means that your original investment is never lost. And since we are now giving away the 50 objects version free of charge, your only investment is your time.