Language Versions

  • Dansk
  • Russian

Language support in IGSS

IGSS supports multiple languages in the user interface and in the configuration texts. You can thus create a completely multi-lingual SCADA project where users can select individual languages.

In IGSS, you can select a primary and secondary language in the setup program, System Configuration. In a multiuser system, you can even allow individual operator stations to run different languages.

Online change of language

Some IGSS installations have multilingual staff, such as on ships. The operator can change the language online in the IGSS Master while the system is running, whereby language is changed in all the online modules at the operator station.

Languages supported

 Language      Language Code
 Czech     CSY
 Danish  DAN
 English  ENG (default language)
 French  FRA
 German  DEU
 Icelandic  ISL
 Norwegian  NOR
 Polish  POL
 Russian  RUS
 Spanish  ESP
 Swedish  SVE

Language setup

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