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Published Jan 09, 2017 |

New Graph functionality pt. 2

News from IGSS Development

The new graph feature introduced in IGSS12 has been augmented with several new and reinstated features.

Graph Command line interface

The command line interface for graphs was initially removed when the new graph functionality was under development and has now been reinstated.

All earlier command line interface options have been maintained and re-introduced. No command line options have been removed and no new graph command line interface options have been introduced.

The online help for graph command line options is located in the Supervise and Job Scheduler help files, accessible from the IGSS Master > Help pane or directly from the respective modules: Supervise and Job Scheduler.


To send a graph as an email attachment, click the Email button on the graph toolbar or right-click the graph and select Email.

Display data points and value toolbar as default setting

You can set up your graph to display data points and the Value toolbar by default by selecting the Show data points and/or Show values check boxes on the Options tab of the Graph Properties form.


Operators can still hide data points and hide the Value toolbar by clicking the Show Points and/or Show Values buttons in the Graph toolbar or by right-clicking the graph and selecting Show Points and/or Show Values.


Display values in the legend text

When the Value toolbar is used to display signal values in the graph, the values are displayed as yellow callouts in the graph area as a default but you can set up the graph to display signal values in the signal legend instead.

Select the Show atom value for selected time check box on the Chart tab in the Graph Properties form to display signal values in the signal legend instead of displaying them in the graph when the Value toolbar is used.


Operators will only be able to change this setting if they access the Graph Properties form as there is no option to change the value toolbar settings from the graph toolbar.

Legend text changes

The signal legend text now always includes the object name and the object description (if any). The Process Value and State atom names are not displayed but all other atom names are and if there are units defined for the atom values, these will be displayed as well.


Updates only

The new and reinstated graph functionality is only available for IGSS 12 after you have updated your IGSS installation.