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Published Oct 13, 2016 |

Set as Default Graph property

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When creating new Standard and Operator graphs, you can save your present graph properties as a set of default graph properties.

When you have defined a set of default graph properties, any new graph will automatically contain the saved properties. Existing graphs will not be updated with the default properties.

The properties of the new graph that were populated from the graph default are not locked and you can change the properties as required if you need to create a graph with other properties.

Graph properties from the following tab pages can be saved as default properties:

  • Period
  • Chart
  • Options

Graph properties on the Windows and Signals tab pages cannot be saved as default properties.

To save a set of graph properties as default properties, select the Set as Default check box found on the New Graph Properties form or on the Graph Properties form.


Editing and deleting the default properties

You cannot delete or reset the default graph properties after they have been saved, but you can overwrite them by defining a new set of graph properties and then selecting the Set as Default check box again.

Updates only

Default graph properties are only available for IGSS 12 after you have updated your IGSS installation.