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Published Sep 14, 2016 |

New features in the Definition module

News from IGSS Development

New Command line parameter

A new command line parameter has been introduced called –SaveExit to augment the existing import-based parameters for the Definition module.

The – SaveExit parameter saves the configuration and closes the Definition module after an import of a group object file.

Note that a consistency check for an changes or updates in the Definition module is not run when saving the configuration and it is recommended to run the consistency check (check and install) manually at a later point in order to detect and correct any discovered errors or inconsistencies.

If you want to run a consistency check in conjunction with a command line import, you can add the –ConsistencyCheck parameter. Any errors or results that stem from the check must be resolved in the same fashion as when you run the Check and Install functions in the Definition module.

Other import command line parameters include –import, -pastenewdiagram and –pasteasref. See the Definition online help, Command line interface help topic for more information


def.exe -import C:\exports\D122198.cfg -pastenewdiagram –saveexit

This example opens the Definition module, imports D122198.cfg file and its contents into the active area and diagram. The configuration is then saved and exited without being checked for consistency.

Rectangle to reference diagrams

Rectangle descriptors can now be used to connect to diagrams and the diagram navigation options from the Button control descriptor have been introduced to the rectangle descriptor as well.

New Features Def


There are two descriptors that are nearly identical in name: a rectangle and a rectangular field.

A rectangular field is used as a clickable area, allowing you to create an area on the diagram or map image which opens an object when clicked on.

A rectangle descriptor is usually used to connect to an object, for example an analog object, and display fill or colors depending on the state or value of the object.

Updates only

The new Definition module features described here are only available for IGSS 12 after you have updated your IGSS installation.