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Published Sep 10, 2013 |

Hiding Alarms in IGSS

Registered alarms can now be hidden in the Active Alarm list, removing the alarms from view but not deleting or removing them. Hidden alarms are still active, have not been ended, removed or deleted and must still be acknowledged.

Only active alarms can be hidden. Active Events, Event Log and Alarm Log entries cannot be hidden.

You can hide individual alarms or select multiple alarms and hide them. Hiding alarms augment any applied filters and you cannot create filters that will reveal hidden alarms. Hidden alarms are also hidden for filtering purposes.

Hidden alarms are distributed globally and are hidden for all operators on all stations.

Operators can also unhide any hidden alarm, removing the Hide status and restoring the hidden alarm to normal, fully visible status.

Alarms are hidden by selecting the alarm(s) and either right-clicking and selecting Hide Alarm or clicking Actions > Hide Alarms.

Alarms are unhidden by selecting the alarm(s) and either right-clicking and selecting Hide Alarm or clicking Actions > Hide Alarms, removing the Hide Alarms option for the selected alarms.

Enabling hide alarms

Operator access to hiding alarms must be enabled in the System Configuration form. If not enabled, the Hide Alarm menu options will be inaccessible and operators will not be able to hide alarms. By default, operator access to hiding alarms is disabled.

If operator access to hiding alarms is disabled, all hidden alarms are displayed again in the Active Alarms list.

Revealing and displaying hidden alarms

When an alarm is hidden, the caption “HIDDEN ALARMS” will be displayed in the Active Alarms form title to indicate there are hidden alarms in the active alarms list, in the same fashion the currently applied filter is displayed in the Active Alarms form title.

Hidden alarms are not displayed in the Active Alarms list, but operators can, by changing the View settings, reveal hidden alarms. Revealed hidden alarms are displayed in italics to visually indicate their hidden status. Revealed alarms are displayed only for the current operator station on the local machine, not for all operator stations.

Security and tracking

Apart from enabling operator access to hide alarms, object-level protection can be used to permit or restrict hiding of alarms originating from the protect objects. If Object-level protection is used on objects, operator access to hiding alarms from the protected object is included in the security level permission for object-level protection.

All operator actions are registered by the Audit Trail module, including when an operator hides alarms. If the Audit Trail module has been enabled and is running, hiding alarms will trigger a record for the IGSS user in the Audit Trail database, using the new subtype Hide Alarm.

Using Embedded alarm lists in Supervise

Hidden alarms are not displayed in Embedded Alarm lists in the Supervise module and there are no options to display hidden alarms in Embedded Alarm lists.

If you want to view individual hidden alarms or to display all hidden alarms, you must use the Active Alarms form and not any Embedded Alarm lists.

The Hide Alarms functionality is only available for IGSS10. You must update your IGSS10 installation through the IGSS Update Software in order to use the Hide Alarm functionality.