IGSS Free50

With Our free SCADA software you can create a project with full functionality from scratch.

Download Our Free SCADA Software

IGSS FREE50 is a free edition of our flagship IGSS V13 (released October 2017) that is a full-featured SCADA System. Our free SCADA software has the same full functionality but is limited to setting up a project with 50 objects.


With Our free SCADA software you can create a project with full functionality from scratch. It is ideal for OEM's, machine builders and others who would like to automate processes or get an efficient and state of the art replacement for existing Operating Panels.

  • Define up to 50 objects in an IGSS project
  • Collect data from the PLCs without any time limit
  • Use one of the +70 PLC drivers 
  • Upgrade anytime our free SCADA version to a larger IGSS System

Run in DEMO Mode

IGSS FREE50 can also be ‘switched’ into demo mode (here is how to) which gives you a pre-configured IGSS project including several mimic diagrams from different industries. You can also build a new project from scratch and test it with real PLC data:

  • Collect real data for one hour
  • Define up to 1,000 objects in an IGSS project
  • Use one of the numerous PLC drivers supported

Print-friendly Guides

In the e-mail you receive with the direct download link, we also send you our print-friendly guides that will help you installing IGSS and setting up a project quickly.

Download our free scada software IGSS FREE50

Every day, many people download IGSS FREE50 - we welcome you all!

Right now, I am learning how to use the free SCADA system from IGSS because i told my teacher about the program. He saw it and he told me that it was a great SCADA software. I hope to learn more about it and to make a lot of projects with it. - David Padron, Venezuela
The SCADA software is very good and simple to use, and with valueable functionalities. - T.O., Nigeria
It is easy to design objects and to maintain databases. It is very useful to design my graphical representation of my objects and to collect data from devices. It is a great free SCADA system! – V. Kumar., India
This SCADA gives flexibility with many i/o and minimum system requirement. It has an affordable price that makes it easier to buy by small scale industries and study purpose. - Name NA, India
IGSS is user-friendly and its easy to find help hints and tricks to solve tasks. The guides provided at the IGSS website combined with YouTube video clips are an excellent way to learn the basics in the IGSS SCADA Software.- Name NA, Sweden