The New World of Windows Vista

The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows Vista, has now been officially released. IGSS version 7 will run on the new platform and this page summarizes the changes 7-Technologies (7T) has implemented to support Vista.

Ordinary Windows user can now run IGSS

In previous versions of IGSS, the user had to be logged in as administrator to be able to make changes to the Windows Registry. This has been changed, so that ordinary users can make changes in, for example, Definition and System Configuration and still be able to write to the Registry. The user defined settings in IGSS have moved from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER branch.

An ordinary user in Windows Vista cannot access all folders. Therefore, some files have been moved from the IGSS system folder, \Gss, to other folders accessible by ordinary users, for example:

  • System log files, such as system log and driver log
  • IGSS Demo Configuration

Easier setup of Terminal Server/Thin Client solutions

In previous versions of IGSS, a Terminal Server solution required the user to make a slight change in the IGSS branch of the Windows registry. This is no longer necessary. Also a limitation has been removed in IGSS v7. If you changed global alarm filters in previous versions of IGSS, these could not be distributed to the other stations in a Terminal Server solution. This is now done automatically.

SQL Server interface significantly improved

In previous versions of IGSS, the MSDE Desktop Engine was installed, but provided no graphical interface to the SQL database.

With version 7 you will get SQL Server Express 2005 and the SQL Management Studio which will dramatically improvethe user interface for users wanting to store IGSS data in SQL databases.

7T recommends IGSS users to start implementing SQL solutions, as all data will be saved in an SQL Server in the next generation of our SCADA system, IGSS .NET.