Notifier (AMS)

What is Notifier?

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The Notifier module in IGSS is used to collect alarms from numerous plants with different SCADA systems and notify the relevant operators on duty about the registered alarms. The Notifier module was previously known as the Alarm Management System (AMS), introduced in IGSS version 7.0 and has replaced the Winpager module with a wider functionality.

An organization running plants at various locations, each equipped with a different SCADA system, can use the Notifier module as a single collection point for all alarm registration and alarm handling. No existing SCADA systems need to be replaced nor reconfigured and expensive engineering costs for development of a special alarm interface are avoided. The Notifier module can also be used independently of an IGSS installation as alarms can be received and acknowledged as SMS messages to and from other SCADA systems.

Using the Notifier module functionality, an operator can…
  • Create and maintain multiple duty plans based on customized duty calendars, adjusting the duty plans to reflect unforeseen events.
  • Attach primary and back up operator profiles to the duty plans, ensuring action is taken on any crucial alarms.
  • Filter incoming alarms so only relevant alarms are registered and forwarded to the relevant operators on duty
  • Set up forwarding of alarm notifications by SMS and e-mail
  • Receive confirmation and alarm acknowledgements from the operators on duty
  • Query plant and process information by SMS
  • Send commands to plant PLC machines by SMS
  • Gain an overview of alarms and events collected from different SCADA systems, divided into the origin of the alarms: Alarms, SMS Alarms and OPC Alarms. The sending server is also displayed for all alarms.
  • Gain a real-time overview of the Notifier system, including the online alarm servers and on-duty operators.
  • Gain an overview of all Notifier actions and events through the Event log.

An example of a typical Notifier solution is seen in the illustration below where various 3rd party SCADA systems send alarm messages by SMS to the Notifier (AMS) server via a GSM modem. The IGSS SCADA system communicates directly with the Notifier module via a TCP/IP connection. Operators are notified about incoming alarms on their mobile phones and can acknowledge the alarm by mobile phone as well.

Notifier installation with mobile phone alarm acknowledgement

The Notifier Module is not included in the standard IGSS installation and must be purchased separately.

Notifier - Alarm Management System